Atis lamps for your bedroom.

Atis lamps for your bedroom.

If you are close to the minimalist or Scandinavian style, Atis lamps will surely suit your taste. They can find their destination not only in the kitchen or scandi dining room but also in a stylish bedroom decorated in accordance with Scandinavian trends. The Atis lamp also works with natural wood, wood-like tiles, and wooden panels.
The white and black colors of the Atis lamp shades also match the glamor styling, which is characterized by a certain eclecticism and a variety of fabrics, furniture, and accessories. The black Atis pendant lamp in the form of a round designer plafond will give a unique taste to such an arrangement.

atis ceiling light

Atis series lamps are also practical. If you combine them in a series of compositions, they will make the room beautifully and clearly illuminated, which is especially important in large interiors, where it is difficult to evenly illuminate the entire room. You can use them in a narrow hall to brighten up a dark and gloomy hallway.

Choose timeless solutions.

couple of atis in hallaway

Atis lamps have a universal character, which makes them perfect for many arrangements. Their design has a timeless character, thanks to which these lamps are constantly in fashion. The possibility of placing them in a composition sequence is also an undoubted advantage, allowing the creation of original and unique arrangements composed of round or square ceiling lights.